माइनि डाकटर

An app-based diagnostic tool that provides accurate and timely diagnosis of insect pests and diseases in rice and management recommendations to address the same.

Rice doctor is a mobile app that has been developed by Assam Agricultural University (AAU) with technical support from International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)developed under the Assam Agribusiness & Rural Transformation Project (APART) project, “Increasing productivity and profitability of small and marginal farmers in rice-based cropping systems” built on the Lucid/ Identic platform. Rice Doctor is a mid-season diagnostic tool that helps agricultural extension advisors and farmers have accurate and timely diagnosis of nearly 80 crop problems caused by insect pests, diseases and abiotic stresses due to agronomic mismanagement, nutritional imbalance etc., The Rice Doctor helps to visually diagnose the cause of the problem and provides actionable cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical advice for the prevention and management of the problem.Rice Doctor seeks to enable its users to diagnose and manage rice crop problems better.

Rice Doctor supports agricultural extension advisors and farmers by providing:

  • Instant diagnosis of nearly 80 crop problems including insect pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities
  • Management and prevention options
  • An option to upload images of rice problems to get management recommendations from experts; The users can send information on rice problems to experts for diagnosis and recommendations
  • The experts will identify the problem and send recommendations to the phone number as SMS

How to access Rice Doctor?

Rice Doctor can be downloaded free on Google Play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucidcentral.mobile.ricedoctor&hl=en_IN&gl=US) and can be used offline to diagnose the problems.

How does Rice Doctor work?

Rice Doctor application allows users to identify and diagnose possible problems in their rice fields. The tool includes over 80 pests, diseases and other disorders. The combination of text descriptions and images helps users in the process of diagnosing their problems. The series of steps involved in diagnosing the rice problems are presented below

  • Download the Rice Doctor application from Google Play Store
  • Answer a series of questions about rice crop symptoms, observations, growth phase, insects and pests that narrows the list of potential problems the farmer is encountering
  • Fact sheets on each possible disorder provide brief descriptions of the signs and symptoms of the specific problems, together with details of any available management options. A keyword search function enables users to directly access specific fact sheets.
  • The user is asked to submit a new report of the unknown insect pest or disease. The users need to enter the details of unknown problems including variety, land type, location, user name, email ID, phone number, images of the problem (Max 3 No.) so as to get management recommendations from the experts.